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Total voting rights

As of Dec 20, 2012 total voting rights amount to 54,275,318 split as follows:
Shares outstanding o the Company*
Class A-shares (excl. treasury shares) 47,030,043
B-2 Shares ** 958,333
B-3 Shares *** 958,334
Total Shares outstanding 48,946,710
A-Shares held as treasury shares 5,328,608
Total Incl. treasury shrs. (voting rights denominator) 54,275,318
* Each share entitles the holder thereof to one vote
** Converted into A-shares at a Trigger Price of €11.00
*** Converted into A-shares at a Trigger Price of €12.00
Trigger Price: Volume-weighted average public share price, on 20 out of 30 consecutive trading days equals or exceeds €11.00 and €12.00 respectively